install view of HOME MEDI(T)ATION including creative curation with Flo Webb


claudia lehmann

(a walk of 553.96 km from home to home)

553.96 km / 1189 x 841mm

inkjet print on 240 gsm matte paper
numbered and signed 

edition of 9

The global pandemic has meant a distance between homes is enforced, and not a choice. The idle time has created a void filled with longing, seeking out the lost parts of myself split across boundaries. So much communication and interaction displaced online, the act of being human started to feel bound with 1s and 0s. The familiarity of walking through the landscape provides a quietening of the mind; found in the observation of mundanities often flattened behind the screen. Although home cannot be visited, I imagine it whilst walking the same distance, where I find myself in London. The blue of the sky here matches the blue of the sea there, and is a good break away from the blue of the backlit display. Days exist as a tangible product of labour, within the accumulation of aches, colours, distance, ecology, enduring tiredness, folklore, geology, history, and sounds, seemed to calm my head of the complexities faced. Footsteps meditating on home and mediating the disparity between our digital, physical and virtual existences, these field notes draw us on a journey through the English landscape towards a greater sense of connection.

The faster route could be taken, 446.71 km or 290 miles from one home to the other. But the physical scale was longing to be established, with full immersion with the land passed through and its personal histories laid upon one another. We reflect and slow down, taking the long route of 553.96 km or 344.21 miles, meeting sites of communication and connection that span millennia, confronting the hidden context of the terrain.

This pilgrimage is made up of degrading lines traced across a surface with uncovered latencies, colour impressions of places and feelings digitally constructed, and words that fill in the gaps of what I am not able to visualise. A pixellated vision of the smaller data facets allows us to speculate on the whole, bringing home to us wherever we may not reach. We shall walk through the grey, to the green to reach the blue, and embrace the warm glow it brings.


(18 minute walk)



DISCLAIMER - please consult a doctor before watching if you have are prone to seizures. Binaural beats are an auditory illusion, where a different frequency is played in either ear. Your brain makes up the difference and thinks it is hearing one frequency, alongside two other tones. The frequency heard is said to replicate those of different states of consciousness i.e focus or deep sleep. Here we travel through 12 hz (awake relaxation) to around 4 hz (deep relaxation, meditation and creativity states). There is a risk that the auditory stimulation will cause seizures if already prone to them.


HOME MEDI(T)ATION is a pilgrimage from home to home over 18 minutes. This journey spans from South London to St. Ives, Cornwall over 553.96 km through the grey of the suburbs, through the green of the English countryside, eventually reaching the blue coast of home. Unable to get from home to home during the COVID, this digital realisation of a physical journey mediates the disparity, whilst allowing us to slow down from the chaos of the pandemic. Join us in a slowing down of life and reconnect with the land existed in.

(notennow gwelyow a bergherinses / field notes of a pilgrimage)

553.96km / 176 page artist book / 210 x 148 x 11 mm

inkjet print, 300 gsm silk cover, 250 gsm silk body
numbered and signed 

first edition run of 25