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Blue Sky and Green Grass

Kenneth Graham's riverbank, illegal two coffee picnics, Teletubby hills, the grass in the Chocolate Room, Mario 64 brick wall sky, Ralph Wolf in the reeds, Kiki lying on the hill, Blyton's picnics, Miss Honey's garden, little birds tweeting, Kathryn Merteuil's picnic basket, Laura's gingham blanket

Blue Sky and Soft Sand

Peach Beach, unlawful drive to Crosby, Wile E Coyote's brick wall, Palm Boulevard, Starry Beach, museum diorama's, sand between my toes, my nan's back garden in the late afternoon, Seagaia Ocean Dome, New Century Global Center, sticky melted Calippo, Disneyland Smellitizers, Super Nintendo World

Inside the (Collective) House

Minnie's Toontown house, The Dwarves' kitchen, Dunblobbin Crinkley Bottom, Fisher Price 'Loving Family Doll's House' 2000, Mama's kitchen, 90s Argos catalogue, pandemic claustrophobia, Sally and Conrad's house, Monroe residence, Marianne's candle

Instagram: @clairemarsdenart


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