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This project plays on the idea of a memorising game - adding new artists' works into the mix each time, whilst remembering and reusing less recent contributions. The start point was a film of birds swimming in a fountain, the birds movements were then studied in directional line drawings. The group then used materials such as wire and spinning tops to explore the texture of water within the original film and so the project evolved. Each step moved forward with a new artist’s contribution, and then took a step back, delving into the bank of imagery to form points of connection. Layering practices and contrasting perspectives.

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The artists involved in the project are Ioanna Mavromichali, Thori Ingles, Florence Webb, Kira Shopley, Joe Ford and myself - Molly Crump, acting as a project facilitator. Each artist retains a sense of their individual contribution, with distinct styles marking out the varying responses. But by working in this way a dialogue is created, a free flowing exchange rather than formal collaboration. Instead of working together in the creation of each artwork, the artists involved offered up their own contributions, as a response to other works held within the project. This exchange also sees the artists ‘repurpose’ works, layering images alongside their own in digital collages or film. 

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